Deck & Fence Staining at Westerlund Painting

Nothing offers the same classic sense of style as wood fencing. Even without exterior painting, the wood helps create a natural and even traditional look for any property. As a building material, wood is sturdy and (properly treated) can last for a very long time.


You also have many choices when it comes to coloration. You can choose between having painters color it, or simply go without paint for a more organic look. There are also many different kinds of wood, each with its own grain and natural color. Whether or not you hire a painting service, the final result is sure to look excellent.


Wooden decks are another popular option. However, wooden installations do require maintenance. Periodic staining and finishing (which you can get from a house painting service) will keep them looking good, and can also protect the wood from the elements.


If you’re interested in having getting finishing for the decking or fending in your home, contact the painters at Westerlund Painting in Hayward, CA.


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